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Nestled in the heart of Ahmedabad, Samara Art Gallery serves as a distinguished centre for Indian and International art, marking its presence in the realm of modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, and installations. With exhibitions spanning across 3 floors, the spacious gallery meticulously curates a diverse agglomeration of artists, styles and mediums. The gallery serves as a hub for innovative and creative minds, encouraging the discourse and progress of artistic endeavors. Samara collaborates closely with artists to showcase creative environments and foster artistic spirit. It is the gallery's belief that art is unrestricted, and this is mirrored in how the gallery is curated, promoting both emerging and established artists - creating a platform where people are constantly exposed to new creations and artistic talents in an environment enticing visitors to linger. Samara opens its door to all patrons of art, honoring the foundations of the past, while cultivating a new generation of creative souls.

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