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Brokerage & Startup Investment

Brokerage Services

Our comprehensive stock broking services allow you to invest at a pace suitable to you. Our client brokerage services allow you to trade on the prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange. The company is a member of the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange and a is a sub-broker of the Bombay Stock Exchange through the Ahmedabad Capital Markets Ltd, which is the prime member of the BSE. We assist first time investors in applying and obtaining a PAN card, opening demat accounts and brokerage accounts.  We also offer margin trading in compliance with SEBI regulations.   

Startup Investments

The group is committed to investing in early stage startups that are driven by strong and dedicated founding members. While primarily invested into the technology, finance and education sectors, we encourage startups from all industries to reach out. The group also aids in strategic development for startups, including office space procurement, brand identity and digital marketing services, networking synergies, mentorships and legal services. Please feel free to contact us, through the contact us section on our website. 


If you have a business that you think we can add value to, please do send us a 1 or two page brief about it, which should include your value proposition, revenue model and expected uses of the investments that you propose to raise.

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