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Inks & Dyes

The core of any inkjet printing system is the ink, which is essentially pigment suspended in a carrier liquid. The job of the ink is to deliver the pigment to the media and to bind it to the media’s surface. The range of substrates that the ink will work with, ultimately determines the applications that a printing engine can handle. Digital printing system and digital inks were until now predominantly used in graphic arts industry for advertising and point of sale martials.  However, now digital printing is being widely used in textiles and other industries which require short runs and quick response to the dynamic market requirements.    


We have manufacturing contracts with ink manufacturers who produce as per our requirements and the same is marketed across quality conscious customers. We offer digital printing solvent inks, eco-solvent inks and dye sublimation inks for printing directly onto fabric or onto transfer paper. Our inks are widely used on all major wide format printers with Seikom, Konika, Xaar printing heads fitted on Vutek, Proton, Starfire, Polaris and HP Scitex printing machines.

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